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Why Boston College Can’t Hire Back Its Former Football Coach

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love college football.  I went to Boston College Law School and am a BC Eagles season ticket holder.  So I am interested in BC’s search for a new head football coach after the school’s decision to fire Frank Spaziani after a 2-10 season this year, including whether the school could hire former BC head coach Tom O’Brien back to the school after he left BC to coach the North Carolina State Wolfpack in 2006 (O’Brien was fired by NC State last month).… More

How to Protect Your Personal Device (and Personal Information) from Discovery

Once a lawsuit over trade secrets or a noncompete begins, “discovery” is usually the next step in the case.  This is the phase of a lawsuit where each party asks for documents and conducts depositions to obtain relevant information from the other side.  As any employment litigator can tell you, discovery usually involves tricky issues regarding what information is relevant to the lawsuit (and thus should be disclosed) and what is the personal information of an employee or other person that has little to do with the case.… More

Executives (and One Law Firm) Allegedly Behaving Badly

A number of cases involving former executives have received national attention recently and serve as a good reminder that trade-secret, non-solicitation, and non-competition controversies can arise at the highest level of a company. Another recent case also serves as a reminder that trade-secret claims should be filed only when there is a good-faith basis to do so. Consider the following:

  • In In re: High-Tech Employee Antitrust Litigation,…
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