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First Circuit Affirms Injunction Enforcing Non-Solicitation Agreement Against Sales Director, Applies Delaware Choice Of Law Provision Against Massachusetts Resident

Last week, the First Circuit affirmed a preliminary injunction enforcing a one-year non-solicitation agreement against the Massachusetts-based former sales director of a California-based health care company that develops products to treat spinal disease. The sales director resigned from his position with the health care company to found and work for an exclusive distributor for the health care company. A few months later, the sales director dissolved his new company,… More

California Case Highlights Need to Look Before You Leap . . . and File Suit

Late last month, the California Court of Appeal upheld a $180,000 award of sanctions against an employer for bringing a baseless trade secret misappropriation suit. While this case arose in California and involved California law, it involves concepts that have been recognized by Massachusetts judges and shows the possible consequences of the common impulse to file a lawsuit quickly and ask questions later.

In the California case, Cypress Semiconductor Corp.… More

Battles that Decide Wars

It is often said that noncompete cases differ from other types of civil litigation in that the initial battle in the case often decides the war. If you slip and fall while buying groceries and decide to sue the supermarket, your case will follow the typical path of civil litigation: a complaint will be filed, commencing a lawsuit; the defendant will answer; the parties will spend months or even years gathering information in the discovery phase;… More