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Survey: Employees Pose Most Significant Threat to a Company’s Trade Secrets

Much attention has been focused in recent months on the threat to U.S. businesses posed by so-called “cyber-espionage”:  attacks on IT systems and thefts of confidential information from foreign governments and criminal/terrorist organizations.  Certainly, these threats are growing.  However, employers should not lose sight of the disheartening fact that the most significant threat to a company’s confidential information continues to be its own employees.  This point was brought home by the results of a survey issued several weeks ago by Symantec,… More

Is the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act a Failed Experiment?

            As regular readers of this blog know, the courts are split over the proper interpretation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (“CFAA”), in particular whether the CFAA should apply only to “hackers,” those who truly break into a computer system, or to those who misuse someone else’s data that they lawfully accessed as well.  In a recent Forbes article, Eric Goldman argues that the CFAA is,… More