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Layoffs and Noncompetes

I recently authored an article on planning reductions-in-force, a topic unfortunately on the minds of many businesses in these difficult economic times. (The article is available here.)The last of my “tips” urges companies to remind employees affected by layoffs of the continued applicability of nondisclosure obligations and other restrictive covenants. This raises a question: will a noncompete or other restrictive covenant be enforceable against employees who are let go as part of a layoff? As is often the case in this area,… More

Federal or State Court: Which is Better for Noncompetes?

Many litigators of non-competition agreement cases in Massachusetts would reflexively answer “state court” to the above question. That is, given the choice (if jurisdictional principles permit) of bringing an action to enforce a non-compete or non-solicitation provision in state or federal court in Massachusetts, the conventional wisdom would be to avoid what has been perceived as the more exacting scrutiny of the judges in the U.S. District Court in Boston.

But some recent trends might suggest otherwise.… More

Welcome to the Massachusetts Noncompete Law Blog

Foley Hoag’s Massachusetts Noncompete Law Blog focuses on developments in Massachusetts in the areas of covenants not to compete, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements, trade secrets and the many related issues that arise when employees move between employers. As court decisions and other legal developments arise, this blog will describe them and discuss their implications for the businesses and individuals affected by them.

In several of the industries that are significant drivers of the Massachusetts economy—including high technology,… More