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Panel Discusses Whether Noncompetes Stifle Innovation in Massachusetts

This blog previously described a proposal being advanced by some in the Massachusetts venture capital community to abolish noncompetition agreements in Massachusetts. (See links to previous posts: December 7, 2007, February 11, 2008, February 27, 2008) The two most visible proponents of that proposal, Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital and Paul Maeder of Highland Capital Partners, participated in a panel discussion on noncompetes and innovation at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet &… More

Choice of Massachusetts Law Dooms Successor’s Attempt to Enforce Noncompete

Whether a successor in a corporate transaction may enforce a noncompete between the predecessor entity and its employees remains one of the more undeveloped and uncertain areas of noncompete law in Massachusetts. A few years ago, in Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. v. Jenkins, now-retired Judge Allan van Gestel of the Suffolk County Business Litigation Session issued a significant decision in this area – albeit at the trial court level –… More