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Why Can’t Howie Carr Change Employers? Thoughts on the Decision

Under a little known and rarely interpreted Massachusetts statute, non-competition agreements in the broadcasting industry are void and unenforceable. So, how could Entercom Boston, the employer of well-known radio personality Howie Carr, keep him from going to work for a competing radio station?

As Massachusetts-based readers of this blog likely are aware, last week Judge Allan van Gestel, a well-respected judge in the Suffolk County Business Litigation Session,… More

Massachusetts Judge Nixes Financial Services Noncompete

Employers in Massachusetts generally can take comfort in a well-established legal principle that gives judges discretion to enforce a noncompete provision “to the extent that it is reasonable.”  Courts regularly use this concept to modify the duration and/or scope (substantive and geographic) of noncompete provisions to make them “reasonable” based on the particular facts of a case. 

A recent Massachusetts Superior Court decision reminds employers that this concept has its limits. … More