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New Personal Services Case Illustrates Non-Compete Principles

A newly-decided case by Judge Fabricant of the Business Litigation Section of Suffolk Superior Court highlights some interesting trends with regard to the enforcement of non-compete agreements (Lunt v. Campbell, et al.). The case involves three hairdressers who left the Lunt salon in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts to start a new shop in Peabody, Massachusetts. The hairdressers had signed non-compete agreements midway through their employment with Lunt prohibiting them from competing in Essex County for a period of two years. Lunt sought an injunction when the hairdressers left to start Gichelle’s Hair Studio.

The court’s decision denying injunctive relief for Lunt… More

Non-Compete Related Counterclaim Slapped Down By Massachusetts Anti-SLAPP Law

A recent decision illustrates the risks for defendants in non-compete cases who go on the offensive by asserting counterclaims against former employers. In a 2006 opinion, the Massachusetts Business Litigation Session awarded a defendant in a non-compete case significant damages after the defendant proved that the plaintiff had filed the lawsuit for improper competitive purposes. Yet, in a recent decision, the same court dismissed a defendant’s counterclaim, ruling that the counterclaim was based solely on the plaintiff’s filing of the lawsuit and that the plaintiff’s claims were reasonably based in the facts and the law.

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